What Do You Paddle?

During most river or ocean trips we see a wide variety of boats: canoes, kayaks, C1s, duckies, sit-on-tops, standup boards, and rafts. The boat we choose to paddle seems to identify us. Our paddling friends are used to seeing us float in a specific boat or at least a certain type of boat. So, when one considers paddling a different type boat, the whole identity thing is at stake.

With the plethora of paddling related social networks, dear friends readily share comments. As most readers are aware, I most often paddle a canoe—sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much. So, when I made what I thought was a benign post on the GCA List that I wanted to demo a kayak, several friends responded:
Jim Albert wrote: “The dark side …not you… What’s the world come to? It really may end next year.”

John Holley wrote: “I am shocked and speechless. When some one spreads libel and calumny in The Rabun Fish Wrapper, I took it in stride. But, when those who only pretend to share the bonds of fraternal amity engage in some horrendous betrayal it makes me weep. Shocked. Saddened. Speechless. Say it ain’t so!”

Yes, open and honest sharing. But, perhaps they are holding back a bit?

Then, there were the more encouraging comments: Christine Blumberg wrote: “Mark!! I’m sooooo proud of you!I I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for a boat you could demo.”

Lisa Haskell wrote: “Mark – it’s not the dark side!You’ve just seen the light!
Well, thanks all for your heart felt comments! Seems there are dark side and see the light comments. I may be in the twilight zone. I will not give up on the open boat. Yes, I may go both ways.

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