Well, ok

Well this thing is worth the extra money, and yes I was really skeptical. A first for me—a Mac Book Pro. And have been known to get really mean when I think I’m being taken and end up paying too much for something. After all, I am always perfect and seldom, if ever make a mistake that inadvertently cost someone additional money. Ha, no way. But attention to my shortcoming is not the mater of my attention. I become obsessed with driving the deal and finding a bargain. If or when I feel like I’m loosing control, I react and utter unfortunate expletives.
This really pleases anyone who happens to be in the immediately vicinity, such as my wife Cindy. Her memory and tendency to recall every ugly detail pleases me to no end. Regardless of any inclination to attempt amends to all involved, I soon realize that often it’s too late because I cannot take back a single word uttered in vain.
Ok, enough talk of my behavior. This thin has sucked me in and has converted this Dell PC user into a Mac man. The OS operating environment will take some getting used to. It’s not completely different form familiar Windows, just different enough to cause me frustration. Not frustration to the hostile breaking point, just to the less amused, but still determined point. I’m looking forward to cashing in on my pre-paid torturing.

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