The Pledge

The long awaited Republican election platform revealed today, “A Pledge for America,” is designed to not only resonate with its core constituency, rich white guys, but also reach out to disenfranchised poor people and, yes, minorities. It is obvious that the rich white guys really need tax cuts so they can keep more of their millions. But, just what do the Republicans offer to those who will loose the Obama Socialist health care protection that the GOP pledges to repeal? Well, that’s where we have to dig a bit deeper.
The “Pledge” offers a simple and familiar trickle down economic promise. So, all the rich white guys that benefit most from tax breaks will be more than happy to help those on the fringes of society by hiring a bunch of poor unemployed minority people part-time at minimum wage. Now, this massive hiring spurred by rich white guy tax cuts will stimulate the economy and reduce the deficit because all of those newly part-time employed minimum wage workers will now be paying taxes. It’s shear genius.
Well you may ask: Why did that trickle down stuff not work under presidents Ragan, and the Bush boys? The answer is that they did not have the government takeover of health care to deal with. Just consider all of the money that will be saved by undoing all of the reforms that would have helped the minimum wage workers to afford health insurance. After all, they have been used to having no health insurance. The minimum wage workers will actually save money when the GOP repeals the Socialist health care program because they can simply show up at emergency rooms in acute distress and not have to pay for a thing. The GOP good ole days will return, you have our “Pledge.”
And the GOP will not stop with these “Pledges,” no sir. Steven Colbert, a GOP strategist and comedian (yes, it's hard to tell politicians and comedians apart), has begun to define the party’s plan to deal with its root fear of immigrants, Muslims, gay people, and robots. This fall the GOP will “Keep Fear Alive.” Yes, the best is yet to come!

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