Light of Day

Struggling against emotions I am all too familiar with,
greed, lust, self-seeking, and an indigent sense of righteousness and
entitlement, block me from the joy and peace the God has available. Feasting on
the bread of anxiety upsets my stomach and blinds my eyes. Breathing in short
frantic gasps deprive my heart and brain of the breath of the Day. Moving in a
constant hurried blur does not allow the joy of seeing the Mystery clothed in
nature and gentle people, made in His image, that are there.

There too are those who, like me, wrapped in fear,
separated, are alone in the crowd.  What
a lonely place:  pushed, shoved, and
utterly alone fighting against love and joy there for the taking.

The mid-day sun shines on everything and everyone leaving no
place to hide human blemishes. It is too much to see the city washed in
brilliance. Ugliness cannot hide from sight all manmade assaults there to
behold. Driving on ribbons of pavement, cut and filled through hill and
bottomland, nature pushed aside, traffic preventing the wound from ever healing.

No wonder when driver’s dress in automotive apparel,
overwhelming restlessness, irritability, and discontentment ride in the
passenger and back seats. We ride alone in sport utility vehicles capable of
carrying four or five others and a ton of cargo all rushing to similar
destinations. We only wish we could rush because the ribbons of pavement are
over capacity—we hardly move. And a helpless sense of lack of control grips
hearts of Viagra popping, balding men that rage helplessly. As he sits fuming
staring at the bumper in front of him, he misses the flowers growing in a
roadside ditch—God keeping watch.

There are those places, however, where the city blends with
nature. Hidden places where man’s structures walk in step with trees. These places
must be secret because they are desirable and, therefore, attract the multitude
seeking respite from merciless pavement.

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