Time flows through me like sand

Not slowing on its blown course,

I cannot hold it, I am at its mercy, no grace.


Water that I once held in my hand now

Flows through me, I am no longer the

Vessel I once was, when I could hold and mold,


Copyright © 2007 Mark Holmberg. All rights reserved.

Endangered Species


The sirens whaled

Racing to fire.

By the time help arrived the

Building was engulfed in flames.

 Search and rescue made inquiries,

Was anyone alive?

The was fire an opportunity

For six o’clock

Reporters circled

And spotted on the roof,

Four elephants parting like no tomorrow.

All related—mother, father, two children.

Tenderly, lovingly, and caring.

Together is everything,

Loosing each other a tragedy.

Copyright © 2006 Mark Holmberg. All rights reserved.

Unwanted, Won’t Go


You visit, invited or not.

I welcome you and feed you

Because I know you won’t go.

Ignoring you won’t work.

You are here

And make your presence known.

I’ve tried to deny that you exist

Hoping you’ll get the message.

Pack up and go

Leave me alone.


If you insist on staying

Should mistreat you?

And make it unpleasant

Who would put up with that?


It’s hard on both of us,

The unpleasantness,

The battle, and the tension.

 We inflict wounds on each other,

The tender spots are known.

Calluses are avoided,

Tender flesh more appealing.

 So you decide to retreat,

But not due to my actions.

You simply felt it time to go.

Not really gone though,

Not entirely out of sight.

One day, week, month, or year

You visit again, invited or not.

I welcome you and feed you

Because I know you won’t go.

Copyright © 2006 Mark Holmberg. All rights reserved.

Who We Are


Rachel, Alexis, Cindy, Mark

Daughters, Sisters, Mother, Father

Lovers of each other, our inner desires

Connected, joined.

Happy, sad, confused, fearful, depressed

Closed-in, concealed, disconnected, withdrawn

We need each other,

Love, understanding.

Connection, revealed to ourselves

Blemishes, imperfections ,and all

God’s love.

We give less than our best,

Less than perfect gifts.

Pain, guilt, illness,

Or nothing at all.

We fear ourselves, each other, our illness

Our isolation, our past, our future,

Our fears.

We desire each other,

To love and to be loved.

Happiness, peace, wellness,

Peace in God.

Copyright © 2006 Mark Holmberg. All rights reserved.