Distractions move push where I would not choose
to go. As I begin to write this, my wife turns on the TV. The news of storm
damage distracts me from morning thoughts. Live aerial images passes for news. Damage
is surveyed from a helicopter hovering above, not landing to help, and just
broadcasting struggling people in crisis. Why are we drawn to this? Why is this
news worthy?   


I like to think I’m on a journey to success and happiness.
The levels of success and happiness I choose vary according to what I think I
want. If I think that success and money will make me happy, I will work very
hard to that end. On the other hand, I often pursue happiness at the expense of
monetary success. Either extreme leaves me out of balance—out of control.

Out of control is no way to live, but much of my life is
just that, absolutely out of control. I should say the serenity prayer more
often. However, when the going gets tough I cannot discern between things I can
and cannot change. The only thing that I can change is my reaction situations. When
I find myself out of control, it is because my reactions push my emotional
buttons, sending me careening the off the road I have mapped right into a ditch.
And when I find that I am stuck, I franticly spin my wheels trying to get out of
the ditch, sinking further out of control.

So, it’s really a no-brainer: balance and staying in the
center of the road is the key to happiness along my spiritual journey. This is
clear in the evening and early morning. The bright light of day and the hum of unhappy
people distract me and I loose sight of where I want to go—I end up out of